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We provide care for children ranging from the age of six weeks to fifteen years of age.  Classes are divided according to age groups.  Depending on the age and skill of each child, their curriculum will vary.  A few of the subjects that we cover are listed below:

  • Potty training – Starting as early as 18 months (according to each child’s individual development level), we teach how to use the toilet, including wiping thoroughly and washing their hands.  


  • Table manners/skills – We teach our children how to properly eat at the table, using a fork and spoon.


  • Letters/colors recognition – We make learning the alphabet and their primary and secondary colors fun!


  • Writing/language skills – We teach our children to write their own names, cursive writing skills when they’re ready, proper grammar and language skills.


  • American Sign Language – We are excited to offer American Sign Language lessons to our children!  Basic alphabet, numbers, and general words are taught, along with how to structure full sentences once the child is able.


  • Computer center – Our computer center allows our children to utilize programs such as Nitro Type, which helps them to speed up their typing ability while having fun racing against others around the world.  We also encourage use of Google Classroom and iReady, which both help teachers to provide a path to proficiency in subjects like reading and mathematics.  Our students also use Khan Academy and Hooked on Phonics in our Computer Center.  All computer and online usage is closely monitored to ensure their safety.


  • Imaginative cognition – We believe that encouraging and nurturing a creative imagination is imperative to a child’s growth.  We engage the child in different activities that foster a sense of wonder and adventure.  


  • Team building – Children are taught to work together in teams to solve problems and achieve common goals.


  • STEM learning – The fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are taught and skills are sharpened.  Some of our students are even using our Computer Center to further their studies by practicing coding!

Our teachers are experienced and seasoned educators.  They have certifications in Early Childhood, and are able to provide Accredited Homeschooling, as well as dedicated tutoring.  We treat each child individually, noting their strengths and areas they made need to improve.  We address these subjects accordingly, giving each child the individual attention that they deserve.


We provide breakfast, lunch, and two snacks each day.


We are open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.  Our convenient and flexible availability is our most popular feature.  During overnight care, we provide dinner, cool down time, and movies before bed.  We are available during all major holidays and school breaks.

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